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    Rome, Italy (June 2013)

    My favorite site in Rome was the Colosseum, so much history!
    My favorite site in Rome was the Colosseum, so much history!

    A friend asked me for tips on Rome. I totally forgot I made this guide when I was planning to go. Figured I should share it here just incase I lose that guide and need some tips!

    I went for several days (maybe 4) in June 2013 so forgive me for not remembering extensively. I thought Rome was really cool for its history, architecture, and culture. However, the food- it wasn’t the best. I heard from other friends the same thing; they said the food in other Italian cities were a lot better. Welp, just more of a reason to visit Italy again right?!

    I was a huge latin buff in high school. Thanks to my high school latin teacher. Loved Roman history and was so excited to visit Roma, the location of our textbook (that had gone on way too long)- Ecce Romani! Sextus, you silly puer. Why were they stuck in the ditch for so long? #latinnerdhumor

    This was my plan for the trip. I’m sure I tried to follow it as much as I could (I am a planner, I admit it and it over-stresses me that I am!) but I probably moved some stuff around. Please note that this guide was made in Summer 2013 and may totally not reflect what it currently is (location, prices, etc.). Note, I was also on a budget! This was my first trip I ever paid for just by myself (just graduated college and used my internship money to cover this trip) so I was kind of cheap 😀

    My general tip is to try to buy tickets online whenever possible. Do your research to see which options are cheaper but usually online, it’ll be cheaper and/or you’ll save time not being in line to buy tickets.

    Day 1 – Thursday

    Things to See/Do

    1. Piazza del Popolo
    2. Trevi Fountain – (FREE) – visit at night as well!
    3. Spanish Steps – (FREE)
    4. Piazza Navona – really nice square to walk around in, artists… go to Gelateria Del teatro (FREE)
    5. Pantheon – (FREE – go inside is free) Mon-Sat 8:30-7:30
    6. Villa Borghese – (FREE)


    1. Il Giardino Romano  www.ilgiardinoromano.it
      00186 Roma | Via Portico d’ Ottavia, 18

      What was recommended to me: Pizza but any food here is good.
      What did I eat: I got Proscuitto pizza. Huge! All pizza, I believe, are personal sizes, but it’s still pretty big.. very thin crust though so totally doable for one person. My pizza didn’t have marinara sauce. Didn’t expect it. But it was interesting. My boyfriend got the margherita pizza. That would have been a good transition pizza (my first meal in Italy) into a different country!


    1. Fluidwww.fluidventi.com
      Via del Governo Vecchio, 46
      What I was recommended: Aperitivo – Eat mini dishes (all you can eat) and get a drink (Fluid Special – Mango/Pineapple drink) 8.50 euros, no pizza here.
      What I ate: I did the 8.50 euro all you can eat. It’s all little appetizers but I thought it was pretty good. Boyfriend thought it was average food. The drink I got was very good. I don’t know if I got the fluid special.. I believe I got a strawberry daquiri-like drink. Frozen strawberry slushie, kind of.


    (I do not remember where I actually went for dessert.. possibly gelateria del teatro. That place was decent. Expensive and not my favorite place.)

    1. Gelateria Del Teatrogelateriadelteatro @ FB
      Via di San Simone 70, Lungotevere dei Vallati 25
      Known for displaying making of Gelato in the window. Has natural ingredients. Try chocolate, truffle flavor (make sure it’s chocolate truffle), mint chocolate chip, cheese fig and almond/walnut?, Sicilian almond, Lavender and Peaches, Pistachio.
    Trevi Fountain | Have a Lizzie Mcguire moment and take a cliche “Throw a coin into Trevi Fountain” pic.
    Trevi Fountain | Have a Lizzie Mcguire moment and take a cliche “Throw a coin into Trevi Fountain” pic.

    Day 2  – Friday

    Things To Do/See

    1. St. Peter’s Square (Obulus and columns) – free
    2. Castel S. Angelo (Bridge with Statues, Entertainers) ($10.50 euros)
    3. Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel – $8 euros if line (check online) –> (Definitely purchase your tickets online before you go.)
    4. Basillica is free to see but if you want to climb, 5 euros if walking (500 steps), if elevator half way is 7 euros. (I am pretty sure I went to see this. I paid the 5 euros to walk cuz it’s good exercise! Plus I’m cheap. haha)
    5. Sistine Chapel/Climbing to top of Basillica – 4 hours ($)


    1. Duecentogradi (200 degrees)
      P.zza Risorgimento, 3, 00192 Rome, Italy
      This was my favorite place!!! I loved loved loved loved loved their paninis. This is one place I would recommend going right after the Vatican visit
      What I was recommended: Paninis, Sandwiches
      What I ate: The best best best paninis I ever had here.

    Lunch Dessert/Snack

    1. Gelarmony (Sicilian Gelato)Gelarmony.it
      Via Marcantonio Colonna, 34 Via Oderisi da Gubbio, 201/203/205 Viale dei Colli Portuensi, 330
      What I was recommended: Don’t get the stuff all the way on the right (whipped cream/too sweet)…. Get Pistachio (Don’t remember if I ever got this)


    1. Pizzeria Dar Poeta
      Vicolo del Bologna 45-00153
      What I was recommended: Margherita, Pesto Pizzas (split), Calzone ricotta cheese and nutella
      Gets crowded, get there 7:00PM (This was extremely true. I got here like maybe 7:30 or 8:00 and had to wait till 10PM to eat!!! But I did get to bump into one of my sorority sisters there, totally random but cool)
      What I ate: Margherita, Pesto Pizza (I couldn’t find it on the menu but I ordered the one that had pesto on it). Good pizza but not amazing. Definitely not worth the 2 hour wait! I may or may not have got the calzone but it wasn’t memorable.
    Margherita and Pesto Pizza at Pizzeria Dar Poeta Vicolo del Bologna
    Margherita and Pesto Pizza at Pizzeria Dar Poeta


    Walk around Trastevere, huge place for Bars. Very crowded!

    Vatican City, where the pope does his pope-ing!
    Vatican City, where the pope does his pope-ing!

    Day 3 – Saturday

    Things To Do/See

    1. Colosseum – ($ – Tour … ) (I was so excited to see the Colosseum so I had to buy a tour with a tour guide. I bought it online and thought the tour was great. Man, if I ever remember which tour group I used, I’ll list it here but I’m sure I used tripadvisor to figure it out. Again, I loved Roman History so I had to get a tour here. This was my favorite activity in all of Rome.)
    2. Roman Forum – ($ – Tour …) (My tour’s ticket included Roman Forum/Palentine Hill. I remember they are about a 5 or 10 minute walk from each other. I believe that any Colosseum and Palatine Hill combo ticket also includes admission to the Roman Forum and it’s valid for two days. Check the website for updated details as that could have changed.)
    3. Palentine Hill
    4. Piazza Venezia (honors unknown soldier, first king, pretty building) – (FREE)


    (Pretty sure we just grabbed whatever was close. I left this section blank in my guide)


    1. Nonna Betta – www.nonnabetta.it
      Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 16 Roma
      Pasta, Fried artichokes, Eggplant Parmesan, no pizza
      Definitely make a reservation (I ended up not going here, even though I made a reservation the first day, but I heard great things about it)


    1. Fatamorgana – Gelateriafatamorgana.it
      Via Roma Libera 11 (P.zza San Cosimato – Trastevere) Via Lago di Lesina 9/11 (Trieste Salario) Via G. Bettolo 7 (Prati) Piazza degil Zingari 5 (Monti – Colliseum)
      This was my favorite gelato place! Favorite flavors: Rose (Thumbalina) and Pistachio!!
      What I was recommended: There are unique flavors here.. Rose (Thumbalina), Blueberry Cheesecake, Almond, Basil, Honey Lemon
    A chinese restaurant in Rome?!
    A chinese restaurant in Rome?!

    Food Tips People Told Me

    1. Order breakfast at a Bar. (I still don’t know what Bar means. Oops.)
    2. Order a croissant (”Cornetti”) and a cappuccino for breakfast. (bread in italy was always super good… mmm)
    3. Order fresh orange juice as it is delicious (this was true)
    4. Don’t go into Blue Ice Gelato. It is a disgusting chain. (I never went in! My favorite was Fatamorgana which I frequented a few times..)
    5. They don’t have tap water like in the States. They’ll give you bottle water/still water for a charge if you get water. (Tip: They have a lot of drinking water fountains scattered around the city. Carry a water bottle or one of these foldable babies and you’re solid.)
    6. Straciatella gelato flavor is vanilla and chocolate chip (I’ve tried it. It’s not my favorite gelato flavor.)
    7. Don’t eat the bread on the table. It’s not free! (I didn’t do this either but I’m assuming this is true.)

    Have fun and be safe! Viva italia! xoxo

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