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    Eternal Love for California

    I just got back from my San Francisco / Pacific Coast Highway (US Route 1) / Los Angeles vacation yesterday. While a bit jetlagged and dreading to return to reality, I figured I’ll hold on a little bit longer to this vacation mentality by writing about my journey/itinerary while I was there. Plus, a few of my friends said they wanted to do the same thing so hopefully this helps them plan their trips. This segment will be in separate posts by location and I’ll link to all of them in this post as I complete writing them.


    Travel Preparation

    San Franciso

    Pacific Coast Highway Drive

    Los Angeles

    Why I Was So Excited for This Trip

    Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to go to California. Maybe it was all that Hollister/PacSun brainwashing but I always thought Cali was the most raddest place (right after NYC, of course). So much Cali brainwashing. The OC, The Hills, Laguna Beach (yes – my TV selection was fabulous). I’ve been in LA when I was like 8, but all I remember was Legoland being awesome and then a lot of family time not doing touristy things. I’ve been to SF two years ago but only for a brief time with my family (in which they chose to only eat Chinese food and not go to as many places I wanted to). So this was my third chance to do it right! Plus, my traveling companion – the boyfriend, had never been to California.

    I’m for sure a planner. While stressful at times, I love planning and getting all hyped for a trip. My first trip that I had to plan by myself since I was not traveling with my family was Rome and literally wrote out everything I wanted to do, day by day. When I met up with a few of my best friends in Europe for a trip 2 years ago, they taught me to plan but also leave flexibility so for this trip, I just wrote down a few things I wanted to do (in no order) and decided either the night before or the moment of to do stuff. Majorly for LA, though, which was my big foodie stop, I did plan out all the food places/some activities I wanted to go to since LA is huge + traffic headaches and I was trying to split up what spots I needed to hit up– this helped me decide which hotels to stay in. I used TripIt.com to map it all out and essentially split it into West LA and East LA with two different hotels.

    Looking back, I think I could have done all I wanted in San Francisco in 2 full days with a car (minus the Alcatraz tour) and Los Angeles in 3 full days. But we took our time with everything, and it was way more relaxing spreading out activities. Plus, my stomach can only handle so much food (unfortunately) so I needed those days to fit all the meals I wanted. 😀

    Hope this all will help you plan your trip! I apologize for the rambling I’ll do.

    xoxo Eileen

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