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    Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice


    Chicken fried cauliflower rice! New favorite veggie hack. (I hate vegetables and I’m trying to find any way to sneak them in deliciously… Sorry zucchini noodles- not completely on board!)

    I know I usually post the recipe but I kind of made this one up before and during my cooking so I’m not exactly sure of my measurements. But what’s great about this is that it’s really up to you what you want your “fried rice” to have!

    I googled how to make cauliflower rice but didn’t have a food processor so I used one of those magic bullet things to chop the cauliflower up (luckily it worked! Just cut up the cauliflower in smaller pieces and only put two or three pieces at once). I also saw that there are instructions out there of how to chop up the cauliflower with a knife so if that’s what you fancy, go for it.

    I used a half a cauliflower, frozen peas, egg, about 8 oz of diced chicken and soy sauce.

    1. Oil up your frying pan (or wok if you’re being legit Asian)- I use Virgin olive oil for my cooking as i heard it’s better for you. Put on high heat.
    2. Crack and egg and scramble it up against the pan.
    3. Add veggies (not cauliflower). In my case, frozen peas. Stir around. Some ideas (I wanted to buy but my grocery store didn’t have in stock or on sale)- carrots, string beans.
    4. Add your protein! I used diced chicken. Try to marinate this in soy sauce or oyster sauce before you add in.
    5. Add your cauliflower rice.
    6. Add a tsp of soy sauce at a time as it’s very salty! You rather go slow and taste test each added tsp of soy sauce. Don’t add too much as soy sauce is full of sodium!
    7. Stir around.
    8. Enjoy your healthy dish!!

    I also made cauliflower pizza with the other half of the cauliflower head. It’s not bad either!

    Cauliflower crusted pizza with marinara sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese and ground turkey
    Cauliflower crusted pizza with marinara sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese and ground turkey

    I won’t spend much time posting about it as there are a TON of cauliflower pizza recipes on the internet. Sorry, don’t remember which recipe I followed, but all very similar.) Cauliflower- you’ve done and changed the game!! Will definitely look to try to substitute grains with cauliflower in the future.

    Bon appetit.


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