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    Whole30 Challenge: Week Four

    Tasty and tender chicken drumsticks... what I ate pretty much every meal this week! Recipe after the jump.
    Tasty and tender chicken drumsticks… what I ate pretty much every meal this week! Recipe after the jump.

    Woo final week! I’m done!

    I was very excited (and nervous at the same time) to weigh myself on Friday morning (if you haven’t read my last post, my last day of the Whole30 was on Thursday). I’ve had a change of -3.5% pounds, and although I myself can’t really see it, people have been complimenting me on looking leaner/skinnier. I should’ve taken before and after pictures, I know! But I would say the Whole30 was a success for me. While it didn’t have as a dramatic impact on me as I’ve read in other stories (i.e. improve sleeping, increase tiger blood, remove body pains, lose 50 pounds, etc.) as I’ve been eating mostly healthy before this anyway, it definitely helped me (1) lose weight, (2) eat healthier, and (3) influence the way I look at foods and thus become a pickier eater.

    The longer I was on the Whole30, the easier it was in general to decline bad food (except for the social functions – as choosing restaurants or something at a non-compliant restaurant is not as easy). I would even say I’m now more picky and weary of food in front of me and will decline or not eat as much of it if I feel like the taste is not even worth the gross-ness of the ingredients. While I still haven’t had the three things I’ve been craving while on the Whole30 (carvel ice cream, donuts, and bubble tea), I’ve realized that I can handle my cravings. Meaning I’ll still crave it but can tell myself that I don’t need to have it right now. I can have it later.. so I’m not eating like 5K calories in one day.

    I would recommend Whole30 to anyone who is looking to improve their health in any amount. It’s just 30 days (easier said than done, for sure.. but it gets easier!). Why NOT. I’d also suggest reading “It Starts With Food“, the book that talks about Whole30 and all the thought/meaning behind it. I’m halfway through it now and think that it definitely has some nutritional lessons that everyone needs to know, including how they don’t want you to live this strict diet lifestyle 24/7 forever. You should just be equipped with the knowledge to make good decisions with food. But don’t feel bad if you want an oreo. Just be conscious of the decisions you are making so you can enjoy the ‘bad’ food and not feel guilty afterwards!

    My last week of meals pretty much consisted of:

    • Banana with TJ Raw and Crunchy Almond Butter
    • 1 Egg omelette with String Beans and 1/2 Applegate Uncured Beef & Pork Hot Dog


    • Salad: Chicken Drumstick Meat (from Dinner), spring mix salad, 1/2 avocado, 1 egg whites, 1 tbsp TJ’s Unsalted Dry Toasted Sliced Almonds
    • Dressing: 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 (ish) tbsp red wine vinegar, salt and pepper


    • 1x 4oz Paleo Chicken Drumstick (Recipe: Ever Clever Mom’s Easy Weeknight Paleo Chicken (Best Drumstick Recipe EVER)) – I ate this pretty much every meal because I made way too many servings at once… but it was delicious! The only thing I wish I did was marinate the meat with the sauces longer so the flavor seeps in, but still DELICIOUS (and easy!)
    • Spring Mix Salad with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper OR cooked string beans
    Look at these beauties straight out of the oven.
    Look at these beauties straight out of the oven.
    Close up! I'm salivating thinking about these...
    Close up! I’m salivating thinking about these…

    Thanks for reading along my Whole30 experience. I hope it inspires you to try it out! Let me know if you have any questions.

    xoxo Eileen

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