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    #CHENEATSNY and my favorite Manhattan foods

    Matcha Cream Puff and Jasmine Passion Fruit Iced Tea at Bibble & Sip
    Matcha Cream Puff and Jasmine Passion Fruit Iced Tea at Bibble & Sip

    Hi! I know I suck at posting regularly. Been pretty busy lately with work, weekend trips, and planning for my upcoming vacation to Orlando and the Caribbean via cruise. I also spent some time cleaning my room, after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Oh yeah, and playing PokemonGO. Just kidding – I don’t play that much… maybe… am I in denial???… I only got to level 11 recently and still haven’t figured out this whole gym thing yet even though my friends keep trying to show me (#TEAMMYSTIC doe). I only really play on my commute to/from Manhattan and I really try not to go to Manhattan if I don’t have to. This is the only thing making my slow 7 train + bus commute bearable. Even my parents (yes, they play!) were higher level than me at one point. I only learned how to level up my pokemon last week from a director on my project. #CHENCHALLENGES right here.

    Oh, and I also caught a cold this weekend. Lol. In a hot and humid NYC July. Yeah, that’s me.

    Anyway, despite the icky weather in NYC lately, I love when people come to visit. Even when it’s not to visit me. I’m excited for them. Why wouldn’t I be – it’s among the top tourist destinations, even referred to as the top cultural and financial capital of the world (thanks wikipedia for that). Yeah, the statue of liberty is great. And Times Square. And Central Park. And Empire State Building. BUT THE FOOD THOOOOOOOO. This is why I can never leave NYC. I don’t think anywhere will compare to the variety and plethora of delicious food. Nomnomnom.

    So, thanks to my friend Gauri (hey girl hey!), I decided to start a #CHENEATSNY series, blogging places I love to eat around the 5 boroughs. First post coming up soon… but first! Here’s a list of popular food places in Manhattan. I made this list for Gauri when she visited NYC for a weekend so figured I would share here too. Disclaimer: I have not eaten at some of these places, but I included them as they are some of my foodie friends’ favorites.

    My “must-go” favorites are bolded and italics.

    Bubble Tea / Boba
    Yes, it gets its own categories. That’s how much I love bubble tea.

    • Kung Fu Tea – my favorite bubble tea place.
    • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
    • Vivi Bubble Tea


    • Nobu 57 – $$$$ BUT AMAZING. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Udon West
    • Beyond Sushi
    • Ippudo – Pork buns FTW here.
    • Totto Ramen


    • The Meatball Shop – Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Carmine’s – family style Italian dishes. Great for large groups.


    • Naya Express – Chipotle of mediterranean food. Click here for my Yelp review.


    • The Boil – Better than Boiling Crab. Consistent 5 star food and service. Click here for my Yelp review.


    • Sweet Chick – FRIED CHICK’N & WAFFLES. THAT’S ALL. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Pies N Thighs

    Street Food

    • The Halal Guys  – Click here for my Yelp review.


    • Banh Mi Saigon – Best freaking vietnamese sandwiches ever. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Thai Son – Great pho and viet food. Click here for my Yelp review.


    • Umami Burger – Try the truffle burger. First time was amazing, although second time was not as good as the first, but still great. Click here for my Yelp review.


    • Jack’s Wife Frieda – Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Carroll Place – Good for boozy brunch.
    • Clinton Street Baking Company


    • XO Kitchen – My favorite is their baked pork chop rice. Great HK style foods.
    • Noodle Village – Great HK style foods.
    • Xian’s Famous Foods – Multiple locations for yummy noodles. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Golden Unicorn – Decent place if you want dim sum. They speak English!

    (I don’t think korean food in Manhattan is that good. If you must eat KBBQ, get your butt to Flushing’s KTown.)

    • Bon Chon – Pretty solid korean wings. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Woorjip – Great quick options with large variety.
    • Food Gallery 32 – Food court with tons of food and dessert options.


    • Break Room
    • Cafe Habana – Do yourself a favor and get the corn.


    • Pure Thai Cookhouse – Get the Ratchaburi Crab & Pork Dry Noodles. Click here for my Yelp review.


    • By Chloe – Approved for meat lovers too 😉 Click here for my Yelp review.


    • Momofuku Milk Bar  – Cereal milk soft serve ice cream with corn flakes. Crack pie. Compost cookie. Get it all.
    • Bibble and Sip – Cream puff. Do it. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Spot Dessert Bar – Honey toast is the only way to go here. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • 10Below Ice Cream – I tried the Flushing one; I heard the Chinatown one is better.
    • Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
    • Ice and Vine
    • Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream
    • Sundaes and Cones
    • Two Little Red Hens
    • Dominique Ansel Bakery – Famous for the cronuts.


    • La Colombe – favorite coffee place. Click here for my Yelp review.
    • Stumptown Coffee Roasters

    Enjoy and feel free to share any of your favorite places you recommend me to try!

    Bon voyage and bon appetit!


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