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    Cape Canaveral – Orlando, Florida USA Part 3

    Hiya! Continuing my Orlando series, I’ll tell you what happened on Day 2, before I boarded onto the Cruise. We checked out of our hotel at Four Points, and drove to Cape Canaveral to drop off the car rental at the Avis near there. I’m almost certain that all the rental car places near Port Canaveral has a free shuttle to the Port for all the cruises. Since we had picked up the car around 9:30AM the day before, in order to stay within the “1 day” rate, we had to return it 9:30AM the day after. An important thing to know about rental car rates is that the time starts ticking once you get your car rental agreement/receipt. It doesn’t matter what your reservation time was. Each rental car place differs on the grace period, but I believe for Avis and Hertz, it is 30 minutes. So after the grace period, if you haven’t returned your car yet, they will start charging you at the disgusting hourly rate. So, we had to wake up earlier than planned and drive the 45 minutes (without traffic on Saturday morning) to Cape Canaveral. Luckily, the Avis manager working there was uber cool and when we asked him if Avis could store our luggage anywhere, he said he didn’t have space but he didn’t need our car yet so we could keep it for a few more hours at no additional charge. WOOT.

    Yes, I was planned to drag my suit case around if need be. There are places to eat within walking distance around the Avis rental place so you could just wheel your stuff to one location and chill there.

    Anyway, we were hungry (although a whole week of unlimited eating awaited us on the cruise) so we went to get breakfast. I yelped around of course and found Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery with a 4.5 rating and 300+ reviews. Whaaaaaaat – pix looks good. Let’s go.

    Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery
    125 N Orlando Ave
    Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

    Street parking was easy. There was a wait of 15-20 minutes for two peeps. Damn that place was busy. The portions are huge and the prices aren’t bad for the portion. I would definitely suggest sharing one plate between 2 people, especially if you’re just trying to hold your stomach over for a few hours before hitting that lido buffet ya feel me?

    Banana & Nutella Stuffed French Toast
    Banana & Nutella Stuffed French Toast
    Banana & Nutella Crepe
    Banana & Nutella Crepe

    We got a full order of the banana and nutella stuffed french toast and a nutella and banana crepe. LOL, we love nutella and banana. I think the food there is good, but not super amazing. Perhaps the other breakfast foods are good, but we both got chocolate filled dough SO that was way too overwhelmingly sweet. The amount of nutella they pump in there is just way too much. It was good for the first few bites but then I got so tired of it. Also, it’s super filling so if you’re going to try the stuffed french toast, maybe opt for the half portion (it’s $1 cheaper).

    The wait for the food took a while but the waitress was friendly. You pay the bill at the counter.

    After breakfast, we still had some time to kill so as my BF is a surf-enthusiast, we passed by Ron Jon Surf Shop and wanted to go in. This store is HUGE. Maybe killed about 25 minutes in there just walking around and looking at surfboards. Then, we went to Cocoa Beach for a few minutes to check out the beach. It was okay.

    We wanted to head back to Avis by 12:00pm, since the Carnival cruise check in started at 12:30pm (the port is only less than 10 min away). Luckily, we got bored of the beach and just decided to go back to Avis around 11:45am. There were already cruising families lining up for the shuttle. We were the last two to fit on the shuttle that left around 12:00 and with major traffic build up around the port dropoffs, it took us like 40 minutes to actually get dropped off. My family, who arrived in Orlando that morning, had actually checked in around 12:15pm, so I’m guessing 12:30pm is a lie and you can check in earlier than that.

    I’ll stop here and save all the cruise talk for another post. As always, let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading!

    xoxo Eileen

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