Bucket List

Started: Monday, March 1st, 2010 @ 12:33AM
Last updated: 04.27.16

001.    Get on national television
002.    Ride a motorcycle
003.    Get married
004.    Purchase a Mac
005.    Walk in a parade
006.    Go to Hawaii
007.    Learn to snowboard
008.    Learn to surf
009.    Be an extra in a television show or film
010.    Graduate college
011.    Get internet for my phone
012.    Step foot in all seven continents (NA, SA, Africa, Europe, Asia, AUS, ANT)
013.    Purchase a real designer bag
014.    Fly first class
015.    Fly business class
016.    Get a tattoo
017.    Get laser vision correction eye surgery
018.    Go to Disney World as an adult
019.    Go to Rome and speak Latin
020.    Go to Cyprus
021.    Go to London
022.    Go to Las Vegas when I am 21
023.    Complete a running event
024.    Sing in public
025.    Go to Paris
026.    Become a millionaire
027.    Have something or someone named after me
028.    Become a godmother
029.    Take S/O to Nobu 57
030.    Become a mother
031.    Go to Australia
032.    Go see an Olympic event
033.    Go to the Statue of Liberty
034.    Go visit the pyramids in Egypt
035.    Visit the Top of the Rock
036.    Go to a live taped show
037.    See a Broadway show as an adult
038.    Meet someone famous
039.    Experience Minus5 Ice Bar or equivalent
040.    Get my first legit job
041.    Swim/kiss a dolphin
042.    Get a caricature of myself or with someone
043.    Host a dinner party for friends/family solo
044.    Buy a lottery ticket and win something
045.    Gamble and win something
046.    Get a puppy
047.    Buy my first car
048.    Go to MLB All Star Event
049.    Go to a championship game of any sport
050.    Learn to play the guitar
051.    Learn to play the drums
052.    Kiss a Stingray
053.    Go whitewater rafting
054.    Ride a camel
055.    Get a 4.0 one semester
056.    Win a raffle or a drawing for prizes
057.    Shop at Mall of America
058.    Go rockclimbing
059.    See Book of Mormon on Broadway
060.   Go to Amsterdam
061.    Hug a penguin
062.    Ride an elephant
063.    Do escape the room
064.    Attend a masquerade party/ball/show
065.    Roadtrip somewhere in a RV
066.    Ride an ATV in Greece
067.    Go to a Mets game at Citifield
068.    Purchase a domain and own a website
069.    Be a bridesmaid or maid of honor
070.    Learn to do a trick on a bike
071.    Visit a gay bar
072.    Crowd surf
073.    Confront someone
074.    Attend a bar/bat mitzvah
075.    Attend an exclusive gala/event/party/fashion show
076.    See Wicked! The Musical
077.    Bake something that looks professionally presentable
078.    Climb a tree
079.    Skydive with someone
080.    Go on a hot air balloon
081.    Visit Alcatraz
082.    Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
083.    Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
084.    Snorkel
085.    Hang out in the First Class/Airline Lounge
086.    Go to Coney Island & Ride the Cyclone
087.    Ride the front seat in a rollercoaster
088.    Buy my own home
089.    Go to Coachella
090.    Fire a gun
091.    Go see the Fourth of July fireworks live
092.    Participate in an eating competition
093.    Go to Dubai and the 7 star hotel
094.    Be lifted for scores at football game
095.    Go to the Ice Hotel in Sweden
096.    Throw a Coin and Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain in Italy
097.    Do a Color Run or equivalent
098.    Hug a Koala Bear
099.    Go on a cruise with S/O
100.    Go to Vegas with S/O
101.    Experience zero gravity
102.    Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal
103.    Add to the love lock bridge in Paris
104.    Dive the Great Barrier Reef
105.    Zipline
106.    See the Northern Lights
107.    Jump off a cliff
108.   Take a pottery class
109.   Attend a murder mystery dinner
110.    Sleep on satin sheets