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    Chicken Parmesan (Pepperjack) and Spaghetti

    chicken parmesan

    Hi! I know it’s been a long while since I posted last but here’s something I made tonight that deserved a post for me to remember what I did. This is not healthy by any means but totally delicious. Thanks Bobby Flay and my aunt for the pepperjack idea. This is the altered recipe for Chicken Parmesan (with Pepperjack Cheese instead):

    Overall: 14/15

    My chicky chicky parm parm (any Parks&Rec fans out there?!) was not as crispy as I’d normally get at restaurants but that’s probably due to the lack of oil I tried putting.. I’m sure if I actually used a lot more oil in the frying pan, it would be crispier. Still was faaaaantasic.

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