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    Cauliflower Salmon Sushi Roll

    Healthy and delicious spin on one of my favorite foods
    Healthy and delicious spin on one of my favorite foods – salmon roll

    I am obsessed with sushi. Always have been since it was introduced into my life when I was a child. Unfortunately, most sushi rolls at restaurants are deceptively pretty unhealthy with it’s made with sugary rice vinegar, a heaping amount of white rice, and any additional deep-frying, spicy mayo lathering, or eel sauce drizzle (is anyone salivating besides me right now?!). Fortunately, there’s the replacing rice with cauliflower option at home, which can save you a bunch of calories and carbs when you’re trying to eat healthier. read more “Cauliflower Salmon Sushi Roll”

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    Don Lunch Specials at Takesushi (Astoria, Queens NY)

    Takesushi Kaisen Don
    Lunch special: Kaisen Deluxe, $19. Includes soup and salad.
    Takesushi Uni Salmon Don
    Lunch Special: Salmon and Uni Don, $17. Includes soup and salad.

    Two consecutive days of delicious and fresh sashimi lunch specials. I can eat uni and salmon forevahhhhh. <333

    For the salmon and uni don, on the menu, they have Maguro/Uni but I love salmon instead of tuna so I requested that instead.

    Takesushi in Sunnyside, NYC
    43-46 42nd Street, Sunnyside, NY 11104

    Yelp review to follow. Overall- fresh sashimi at affordable prices. Definitely a hidden gem. Authentic Japanese family ran place. The old lady was so cute and nice. Service, while may be more relaxed/slower than rush lunches, was impeccable. They are so nice and welcoming. Great hospitality and great food. Definitely a favorite.


    Update! 1/8/15: Tagging the Yelp review to go along with this post.